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Neighborhood character

Impacts relating to degrading of views, streetscape, land uses, and overall sense of place by project construction or operation.

Fire Hydrant Blocked by Atlantic Yards/FCR construction worker

center hydrant N side pacific between 6th Ave & Carlton Ave
July 13, 2011 - 4:32pm

Fire Hydrant Blocked by Atlantic Yards/FCR construction worker

Atlantic Yards lawsuit: local groups victorious as judge slams Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) for breaking the law by approving Atlantic Yards’ 2009 Modified Plan

The BrooklynSpeaks coalition includes the sponsors of Atlantic Yards Watch.   The following is the response to the press from BrooklynSpeaks about Judge Friedman's ruling today that the ESDC's adoption of the 2009 MGPP without an SEIS was illegal:

Today, New York State Supreme Court Justice Marcy Friedman ruled that the New York State Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) acted illegally in 2009 when it approved changes to the Atlantic Yards project that increased from ten years to twenty-five years the amount of time allowed to developer Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) to complete the project without first studying the impacts of prolonged construction to the surrounding communities.

In her decision, the Judge lambasted ESDC for its “continuing use of the 10 year build date (that) was not merely inaccurate; it lacked a rational basis given the major change in deadlines reflected in the MTA and Development Agreements.”

After concluding that the 10 year build date lacked a rational basis, the Judge went on to address ESDC’s poor attempt to fill the void with a quickly put together “Technical Analysis: “Notably, the Technical Analysis is silent as to the impacts on neighborhood character and socioeconomic conditions of vacant lots, above ground arena parking and construction staging, which may persist not merely for a decade, but, as petitioners aptly put it, for a generation.”

The judge has ordered the ESDC to prepare a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) hold a public hearing on the SEIS and and reconsider the 2009 MGPP in light of the new SEIS.

What the parking show look like when there is enforcement, but still no street cleaning

Carlton to 6th Aves/Pacific St
July 13, 2011 - 2:28pm

Alt side parking is currently not enforced, we need our traffic officer to return on the previous schedule.

Video and photography show dump trucks lining Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton this morning

Video and photographs showing dump trucks lining Pacific Street between 6th and Carlton Avenues were attached to incident reports submitted to this website this morning.  

The two videos, titled "5:45 am Atlantic Yards/FCR no flaggers + illegal idling," and the photographs show a line of trucks waiting underneath the 170 unit Newswalk building to enter one of the Barclays Center truck entrances at Pacific Street and 6th Avenue.  

The trucks are lining up on the wrong block of Pacific Street.  The video and photography illustrates an ongoing problem long brought to the attention of ESDC and FCRC.  If the protocols outlined in the Barclays Center Delivery Truck Rules and Requirements for the use of a flagger at Carlton Avenue and Pacific Street are not kept, the public Pacific Street between Carlton and 6th Avenues quickly becomes an extension of the construction site.  The goal of the use of a flagger in this location is to avoid trucks lining up on this block.  

Barclays Center contractor Laquila regularly sends trucks down local streets and past Dean Playground


Illegal Atlantic Yards construction truck on Dean from tracy collins on Vimeo.

In the last week construction trucks have been sighted regularly on Dean Street between 6th and Vanderbilt Avenues.  A resident of Carlton Avenue from Dean to Pacific Streets also states trucks have lined up there early in the morning.

The trucks on Dean Street largely appear to be associated with Laquila, a contractor working on Barclays Center.  Many trucks are loaded with gravel and travel past Dean Playground, down Dean Street to Vanderbilt, turn left on Vanderbilt and left again into the former Pacific Street.  They may be delivering gravel to a site on block 1129 where the gravel is sifted and loaded back on trucks.

According to a driver interrupted mid-trip at the intersection of Dean Street and Carlton Avenue on Friday July 1st, no information has been provided to Laquila drivers about the routes to take from the arena block.

Illegal Trucks on Dean Street between 6th and Carlton

Dean Street between 6th and Vanderbilt
June 25, 2011 - 10:35am

Three dump trucks from Barclays Center construction went through Dean Street from 6th to Carlton carrying gravel Saturday.  It occurred while we were setting up for our block party which is why the street in the videos below is so quiet otherwise.  

Video of two can be found here. One is a white truck with a sprayed label:  2A-605.  The second one is green and is Laquila #32.



Arena block work hours to be expanded until 11 pm

A supplemental construction alert today announces that for the week of June 13, 2011 there will be a second shift of construction work on the arena.  The additional hours of the work will be 3:30 pm to 11 pm.  

The alert states the work will include excavation, reinforcing of steel installation, truck elevator pit wall forms and numerous other activities.  

In addition it states that with a few exceptions deliveries will be staged prior to 6 pm.  Site access will be through both the Dean Street and Pacific Street gates.

For additional information, the full supplemental construction alert is attached.

One Minute Voices, Episode 2: Doug

This is the second episode in a series of one-minute, casual, interviews with people who live and work in the neighborhood of the Dean Street Block Association (DSBA), 6th to Vanderbilt Avenues, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, New York.
This episode is an interview with Doug, a 17-year resident of Dean Street.

Artbridge calls for entries for an exhibition to be hung on construction scaffolding along the arena block

Artbridge, a Chelsea-based not-for-profit dedicated to connecting the public to the arts, has placed a call to artists who live and/or work in Brooklyn to submit work for an exhibition that will be printed on vinyl and posted on construction scaffolding along the project perimeter.  News of the exhibition first appeared in the McGraw Hill construction newsletter ENR/NewYork.  The exhibition, called "Works in Progress," will take place in the fall of 2011.   

The exhibition, reproductions of artwork, will apparently run for 400 linear feet adjacent to the area where the arena is currently under construction.  The perimeter of the 22 acre Atlantic Yards footprint is surrounded by approximately 6,000 linear feet of construction and chain link fencing, much of it closing off areas facing indeterminate construction delays in the project's second phase.  This photo taken Sunday shows construction fencing lining an area of the project's second phase at the intersection of Vanderbilt and Atlantic Avenues.  It is several blocks from the area where the Artbridge exhibition will take place.

A previous effort to improve the Project's construction fencing with artwork/designs is still in place on the arena block facing Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center malls, both Forest City Ratner controlled properties.

The guidelines for the exhibition detail a June 26th entry deadline and a $25 entry fee.  Entries will be judged by a curatorial panel.  The Artbridge website states information about the curatorial panel will be coming soon.

Is the law finally going to be enforced in relation to illegal construction worker parking on Pacific Street? Answer: Not for the moment

NYPD issued "no parking" signs were posted on Pacific Street from the Newswalk parking garage to 6th Avenue on Pacific Street for Tuesday, May 31st.  This led some to hope construction workers would no longer be allowed to park illegally on Pacific Street and its sidewalks.

Instead, the signs were to make way for TechCorp., a company that apparently repairs sewers.  The Barclays Center construction workers parked on the sidewalks around the work.

The amount of illegal parking by construction workers on Pacific Street has reduced since our last post on the subject.  Still, it persists.  As has been commented on by community members on this website, the parking regularly blocks sidewalks and the travel lane, as well as makes street cleaning impossible.  It also contributes to a sense that parking regulations in the area are enforced selectively.